Monthly Paint Night At Tritex Games in Stafford

Whether you’re an experienced hand looking to get some time in on that unloved mini, or a new painter looking for advice, feel free to come down for the night. First Monday of every month!

When: The first Monday of every month, 5pm – 10pm
Entry: £3

If you’re interested in the tabletop gaming scene like me, chances are you’ve got some miniatures to paint. Maybe you have some from a board game, or acquired some miniatures with a wargame like Crisis Protocol or Warhammer or just wanted to have a better fighting experience with your miniatures in roleplaying sessions. Painting them may seem a bit intimidating to start with especially when you see such amazing paint jobs online but don’t worry we all start somewhere and Tritex Games is here to help with advice and the products to assist you.  Our paint nights also offer a great opportunity to learn with others of a similar calibre and more experienced modelers.

Fear not we promise to help you move from bare plastic to a beautifully finished model with just a few simple steps.

Here are some things to consider:

Equipment: To assemble miniatures we recommend you have on hand pliers, files and glue (plastic glue such as Ammo MIG glue is best for plastic miniatures as this has a great bonding process – we wouldn’t recommend superglue but appreciate some prefer that)

Preparation: We can show you how to assemble a miniature and get it ready for the painting process.  This also include undercoating it with a spray or paint layer.  (We can advise on this also)

Basecoating: This is the initial stage where you will apply the main colours to the miniature.

Shading: Adding shadows to the recesses of the model, giving it more depth and realism. (some use washes, inks or watered down base paints)

Layering: This step involves cleaning up the areas that don’t need shading and adding vibrant details.

Highlighting: I’ll discover how to do edge highlighting and drybrushing for added effects. (sounds complicated but it really isn’t once you learn some tricks of the trade)

Detailing: Time to pick out those final intricate details of the model.

Final touches: Here we can show you how to look at the next-level techniques to consider exploring further in future.

So if you cannot wait to dive into the world of miniature painting and create some fantastic works of art for my tabletop games – come along to Tritex Games and let us light up your world!