Games Workshop: Blood Bowl Champions of Death Bundle Deal

Games Workshop: Blood Bowl Champions of Death Bund

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Games Workshop: Blood Bowl Champions of Death Bundle Deal

Released on 8th December

We can only ship these to European Countries (Games Workshop policy I am afraid)


1 x Champions of Death Box Set (containing 12 miniatures) 
1 x Champions Dice Set
1 x Champions Pitch & Dugouts
1 x Team Cards

The ultimate set to kick-start your Blood Bowl coaching career with a Shambling Undead team such as the Champions of Death. This collection includes everything you'll need, from a 14-strong team of miniatures to your very own ‘home’ pitch – a stylised graveyard, naturally! The bundle includes:

- The Champions of Death
- The Shambling Undead Team Dice
- Shambling Undead Pitch
- Team Card Pack: Shambling Undead