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The Ingredients To A Successful Career In Game Designing

The Ingredients to A Successful Career in Game Designing

Do you wish you could create war games like Unity of Command or Gears of War30,741 people across the United Kingdom work in the games industry and may have had the same idea as you. So, how do you make yourself stand out against these thousands? One way to make your resume shine is through obtaining a college degree. Through your time in college, you will be equipped with all the ingredients necessary to start a successful career designing popular new war games. 

Ingredient #1: An Education

Many people in the industry will tell you different things about whether or not you need a degree to be a game designer. However, with so many designers in the industry, you won’t be competitive without one. 80 percent of staff hired by gaming studios in the United Kingdom have at least a college degree and most employers place a lot of emphasis on education. This education will teach you everything you need about designing a game and will take you far in your career. The UK has about 60 universities with over 215 undergraduate and 40 masters game courses and you will want to pick one such as game design, game art, or animation.

Ingredient #2: A Portfolio

A portfolio is a collection of your work that demonstrates your skill set and expertise. Employers will expect your portfolio to be attached to your resume when applying for a game designing position. Although you can create a portfolio on your own, a college degree will automatically develop a nice showcase for you. You can kill two birds with one stone by using designs you created for your classes or your end of the year final project. You will also have the guidance of a professor to ensure that your work is top-notch and presentable to an employer.

Ingredient #3: A Discriminator

There are many video games on the market so it’s important that you can add something new. Your designs should fill a niche role and bring gamers something they have never seen before. By attending college, you will have the luxury of researching other games and get a sense of what types of games are already out there. This will help you come up with your own discriminator for your designs.

Ingredient #4: A Team

If you’d like to make indie games, or start to create games on your own, it is important that you have a network of people you can reach out to. A designer cannot work without a developer, so if you don’t have any programming skills, you will need someone to fill that role. At college you will meet people on the games development track that you can link up with if you ever want to create your own video game.

Although you don’t need a college degree to become a game designer, it is the fastest route to becoming good at what you do. You will be acknowledged by employers and become more competitive in the market.

This blog article was written by Jackie Edwards