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Surprising Ways Board Games Can Improve Your Health

Surprising Ways Board Games Can Improve Your Health  

an article by Jackie Edwards

In the new Star Wars: Outer Rim board game, you take to the stars and carve out a role as the most famous smuggler in the galaxy. The game’s exciting, challenging, and, it turns out, even good for your health. A study in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience found experienced board game players have increased grey matter in the brain’s nucleus accumbens. This helps mental health by leading to more positive experiences and enthusiasm. Participants also had decreased grey matter in the brain’s amygdala, resulting in stress reduction and increased calmness. There’s never been a better reason to incorporate more war games into your life. 

Aids relaxation

A study by RealNetworks, Inc. looked at how people use board games to improve their mental health. The results show 64% of the 1,302 respondents play board games in order to unwind and relax, while 53% play primarily for stress relief. Gloom: Unfortunate Expeditions, in particular, is the perfect card game to help you unwind and forget about your own troubles. A delightfully macabre game, Gloom involves making the life of an eccentric family as depressing as possible before killing them off in various twisted ways. Taking time out to play your favourite games also protects your physical health by helping you maintain a healthy weight. Too much stress triggers high levels of cortisol in the body, which makes weight loss difficult. Relaxing with games regulates cortisol levels and maintains a healthy weight.

Strengthens immune system

Research shows depression and anxiety lowers the immune system and makes it harder for your body to fight disease. Alternately, the laughter and positivity you get from playing board games boosts the immune system. Monopoly: The Walking Dead (Survival Edition) puts a hilarious twist on the classic real-estate trading game as players fight against zombies to survive. It’s a great game to inject fun and excitement into your life, especially for fans of the show. You’ll also release endorphins, which increases immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies to boost your immune system and strengthen your resistance to disease. Endorphins fight stress, promote well-being, and even strengthen your ability to ignore pain

Boosts heart health

The fun you have playing board games can protect your heart. Specifically, the endorphins released by laughing can lower or maintain your blood pressure. If you’re looking for a new game to keep your heart healthy, Age Of Sigmar Warcry: Ravaged Lands Shattered Stormvault allows you to add new challenges to your Warcry games. This set contains a double-sided game board enabling you to have larger battles with new terrain cards offering new tactical challenges. You’ll experience hours of fun and laughter, which in turn lowers your blood pressure and keeps you healthier.  

Ultimately, war games are a great way to forget the troubles of regular life and relax for a few hours. They also give you a fun way to connect with others, which is increasingly important in this modern, digitised world. And now you can enjoy your favourite war game knowing it’s also doing your health a whole lot of good.