Star Wars Miniatures: LOTF 60-60 Yuuzhan Vong Warrior C


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Miniatures are all in excellent condition mostly new in bag and with their card enclosed.   

Set Details for reference:

Legacy of the Force

Set List:

Set NoNameFactionRarity
01/60Nomi SunriderOld RepublicVR
02/60Old Republic RecruitOld RepublicC
03/60Old Republic ScoutOld RepublicC
04/60Darth CaedusSithVR
05/60Darth KraytSithVR
06/60Darth NihlSithVR
07/60Darth TalonSithVR
08/60Lumiya, the Dark LadySithR
09/60Republic Commando Training SergeantRepublicU
10/60Darth Tyranus, Legacy of the Dark SideSeparatistsR
11/60Bothan NobleRebelsU
12/60Deena ShanRebelsR
13/60Elite Rebel CommandoRebelsU
14/60General DodonnaRebelsR
15/60Luke Skywalker, Legacy of the Light SideRebelsR
16/60Rebel Honor GuardRebelsC
17/60Twi’lek ScoutRebelsC
18/60Antares DracoEmpireR
19/60Emperor Roan FelEmpireVR
20/60Imperial KnightEmpireU
21/60Imperial KnightEmpireU
22/60Imperial PilotEmpireC
23/60Imperial Security OfficerEmpireU
24/60Jagged FelEmpireR
25/60Marasiah FelEmpireR
26/60Moff Morlish VeedEmpireVR
27/60Moff Nyna CalixteEmpireR
28/60Noghri CommandoEmpireU
29/60Shadow StormtrooperEmpireU
30/60Corellian Security OfficerNew RepublicU
31/60Galactic Alliance ScoutNew RepublicC
32/60Galactic Alliance TrooperNew RepublicC
33/60Han Solo, Galactic HeroNew RepublicR
34/60Kyle Katarn, Jedi BattlemasterNew RepublicVR
35/60Leia Organa Solo, Jedi KnightNew RepublicVR
36/60Luke Skywalker, Force SpiritNew RepublicVR
37/60Mara Jade SkywalkerNew RepublicVR
38/60Shado VaoNew RepublicR
39/60Wolf SazenNew RepublicVR
40/60Cade Skywalker, Bounty HunterFringeVR
41/60Deliah BlueFringeR
42/60Dug FringerFringeU
43/60Duros ScoundrelFringeC
44/60Gotal MercenaryFringeC
45/60Guard DroidFringeC
46/60Human BodyguardFringeC
47/60Human ScoundrelFringeC
48/60Human ScoutFringeC
49/60Jariah SynFringeR
50/60Kel Dor Bounty HunterFringeC
51/60Rodian Blaster-for-HireFringeU
52/60Trandoshan MercenaryFringeC
53/60Boba Fett, Mercenary CommanderMandalorianVR
54/60Canderous OrdoMandalorianR
55/60Mandalorian GunslingerMandalorianU
56/60Mandalorian TrooperMandalorianU
57/60Yuuzhan Vong Elite WarriorYuuzhan VongU
58/60Yuuzhan Vong Jedi HunterYuuzhan VongU
59/60Yuuzhan Vong ShaperYuuzhan VongU
60/60Yuuzhan Vong WarriorYuuzhan VongC

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