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Star Wars Miniatures: KOTOR 35-60 General Wedge Antilles R


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1 x Miniature as listed above

All miniature are in mint condition and cards come in a plastic sleeve:

Set List As Per Below:

Knights of the Old Republic

Release Date: August 8, 2008

KOTOR Set List


1. Atton Rand VR

2. Bao-Dur R

3. Carth Onasi VR

4. Juggernaut War Droid C

5. Master Lucien Draay VR

6. Mira VR

7. Old Republic Captain UC

8. Old Republic Guard C

9. Squint VR

10. Visas Marr R

11. Wookiee Elite Warrior C

12. Wookiee Trooper C


13. Darth Malak, Dark Lord of the Sith VR

14. Darth Sion VR

15. Elite Sith Trooper UC

16. Sith Assassin UC

17. Sith Guard C

18. Sith Heavy Assault Droid UC

19. Sith Marauder UC

20. Sith Operative C

21. Sith Trooper Captain UC


22. Captain Panaka R

23. Captain Tarpals R

24. Gungan Artillerist C

25. Gungan Shieldbearer UC

26. Gungan Soldier C

27. Jar Jar Binks VR

28. Obi-Wan Kenobi, Padawan VR

29. Supreme Chancellor Palpatine R


30. Han Solo, Smuggler R

31. Leia Organa, Senator VR

32. Luke Skywalker, Jedi R


33. Darth Vader, Scourge of the Jedi R

34. RA-7 Death Star Protocol Droid UC


35. General Wedge Antilles R


36. ASN Assassin Droid UC

37. Boma UC

38. Czerka Scientist C

39. Echani Handmaiden C

40. GenoHaradan Assassin C

41. Jarael R

42. Jawa Scout C

43. Jolee Bindo VR

44. Juhani VR

45. Kreia VR

46. Massiff UC

47. Mission Vao R

48. Rakghoul UC

49. Shyrack UC

50. T1 Series Bulk Loader Droid UC

51. T3-M4 R

52. Tusken Raider Scout C

53. Zaalbar R

54. Zayne Carrick R


55. Mandalore the Ultimate VR

56. Mandalorian Captain UC

57. Mandalorian Commando C

58. Mandalorian Marauder C

59. Mandalorian Quartermaster UC

60. Mandalorian Scout C





Star Wars Miniatures

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