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Star Wars Miniature Clone Wars: 09-40 Commander Gree R


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Star Wars Miniatures: Clone Wars
You get 1 x miniature as described above.
All Miniatures come in excellent condition with card in sleeve.
Star Wars Miniatures: Clone Wars Set List
Set Breakdown: 12/12 C 12/12 UC 8/8 R 8/8 VR
Set No Description Rarity
01/60 Darth Sidious Hologram VR
02/60 Ahsoka Tano VR
03/60 Anakin Skywalker Champion of Nelvaan R
04/60 Anakin Skywalker on STAP VR
05/60 ARC Trooper Sniper U
06/60 Barriss Offee, Jedi Knight R
07/60 Captain Rex VR
08/60 Clone Trooper on Gelagrub R
09/60 Commander Gree R
10/60 Elite Clone Trooper Commander U
11/60 Elite Clone Trooper Grenadier C
12/60 Galactic Marine U
13/60 General Aayla Secura R
14/60 Heavy Clone Trooper C
15/60 Mon Calamari Knight U
16/60 Odd Ball R
17/60 Padme Amidala Senator VR
18/60 Star Corps Trooper U
19/60 Wookiee Scoundrel C
20/60 Yoda on Kybuck VR
21/60 Battle Droid C
22/60 Battle Droid C
23/60 Battle Droid Sniper U
24/60 Chameleon Droid R
25/60 Durge, Jedi Hunter VR
26/60 General Grievous, Droid Army Commander VR
27/60 Heavy Super Battle Droid C
28/60 IG U
29/60 Neimoidian Warrior C
30/60 Quarren Isolationist U
31/60 Rocket Battle Droid U
32/60 Super Battle Droid C
33/60 Techno Union Warrior C
34/60 Aqualish Warrior C
35/60 Gha Nachkt R
36/60 Human Soldier of Fortune C
37/60 IG U
38/60 Nelvaanian Warrior U
39/60 Trandoshan Scavenger U
40/60 Utapaun Warrior C


Star Wars Miniatures

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