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Star Wars Destiny: 2 Player Game

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Star Wars Destiny: 2 Player Game 

30 Mins           2 Players           10+

Star Wars Destiny: 2 Player Game

The Star Wars: Destiny Two-Player Game puts you in an epic battle as Kylo Ren and Captain Phasma challenge heroes Rey and Poe using the fast-paced and easy-to-learn  Star Wars: Destiny system. The first player to deplete the health of their opponents through melee and ranged attacks wins the game!

For a deeper look at the mechanics behind Star Wars: Destiny, check out the Destiny minisite as well as our extensive previews showcasing every part of the game!

  • Preview the tactics of Red, Blue and Yellow characters
  • Learn the ins-and-outs of dice in Star Wars: Destiny
  • Read a gameplay example

The Star Wars: Destiny Two-Player Game features two twenty-three card decks, rules, and all the resource, shield, and damage tokens needed for a game of Star Wars: Destiny, allowing you and a friend to begin playing almost immediately!

Forces of Order

The Star Wars: Destiny Two-Player Game features a mix of previously released Destiny cards and brand new characters, upgrades, supports, battlefields, and events. These brand new cards include events and characters inspired by Star Wars: The Last Jedi!

The 23-card Villain deck features new versions of both Kylo Ren and Captain Phasma. Kylo Ren, Tormented One (Two-Player Game, 1) costs fourteen points for a regular version or seventeen for an elite. With three sides showing melee damage, this version of Kylo Ren can act as your primary damage dealer while also providing a disrupt and resource side. Kylo’s special ability is a twist on his Awakenings counterpart, letting you choose a color as you activate him and then looking at a random card in an opponent’s hand. If the color of the card matches the color you named, you deal two damage to a character. Not only does this let you deal damage to a character without using up an action, card, or die, it lets you get a glimpse of your opponent’s hand, letting you know if they have any tricks up their sleeve. 



Kylo Ren is paired with a new version of Captain Phasma, the Ruthless Tactician (Two-Player Game, 2). Phasma’s die features two ranged damage sides, a focus side, a resource side, and a special symbol. The symbol allows you to deal two damage to a character, or three if that character has six or more damage on it. This can allow Phasma to deliver the final blow to characters already near defeat, and with three sides of her die dealing damage, Phasma has little issue getting characters to that point.

The villain deck also features these characters’ signature weapons. Captain Phasma's Blaster (Two-Player Game, 4) is a unique weapon with three sides showing ranged damage, one showing modified range damage, and another showing a resource. While this already synergizes well with Captain Phasma’s ranged damage sides, the blaster also gains the Redeploy keyword if it is used to upgrade Phasma herself. This does not just apply to the Ruthless Tactician, but can be used with her Elite Trooper (Awakenings, 1) version as well.

Kylo Ren’s Crossguard Lightsaber (Two-Player Game, 7) is also included in the villain deck. For two resources, the weapon features a melee damage side, a modified melee damage side, a shield, a resource, and a special symbol. The symbol allows you to deal two damage to a character, or three damage if that character has one or more shields. This makes the lightsaber one of the more dangerous weapons in the game, and if it is used on Kylo Ren, you may deal one damage to a character when you attach it, making it even more of a threat. 


Attaching Kylo Ren with Force Stasis (Two-Player Game, 8) can greatly increase his threat as well. Not only does the two-cost upgrade provide a disrupt, shield, and resource symbol, but two of its sides are dedicated to special symbols. These symbols both allow you to remove a die showing ranged damage and deal one damage to a character. This enhances the theme of free damage while protecting your own characters. 

If one of your characters becomes a target for your opponent, attaching Praetorian Guard (Two-Player Game, 5) on the other may be an effective play. Not only does Praetorian Guard feature two melee damage sides, a modified melee side, a shield, and a resource, but it also gives the attached character the Guardiankeyword. This means that before you activate that character, you may remove a die showing damage to deal that damage to that character. This can take the pressure off one of your other characters while forcing your opponent to use dice in sub-optimal ways.

Kylo Ren and Captain Phasma excel at dealing damage to opposing characters along multiple avenues, and this is exemplified in the villains’ battlefield of choice: Hangar Bay (Two-Player Game, 23). When you claim Hangar Bay, you may reveal the top card of an opponent’s deck, if that card is an event or support, you may deal one damage to a character. Like Kylo himself, this allows you to both deal damage to a character while getting a clear view of what tricks an opponent has coming up.

Beacons of Light

Opposing the forces of the First Order are new versions of heroes Poe Dameron and Rey.

Rey, Finding The Ways (Two-Player Game, 24) costs twelve points for a normal version or fifteen for an elite. Featuring two melee damage sides, a discard, a shield, and a resource, Rey’s die is extremely versatile. Whenever you activate Rey, if she has a shield, you may deal one damage to a character. Like Kylo Ren, this allows you to damage your opponent without having to use a card, action, or die of any kind. 


Keeping a shield on Rey is essential to using her to a full potential, and Poe Dameron, More Than a Pilot (Two-Player Game, 25) is the perfect character to ensure she remains well-shielded. This version of Poe costs eleven points for a normal version and fifteen for an elite. His die features two ranged damage sides, a focus side, a resource, and a special symbol. This symbol allows you to give a character one shield, and turn another die to any side. This can be used to turn your own die to the perfect side, or an opponent’s die to a side of little use. This versatility is nearly unmatched anywhere else in Destiny!

Rey’s signature weapon can also be used to provide shields. Rey's Lightsaber (Two-player Game, 30) is a three-cost weapon that features two melee damage sides, a modified melee damage side, a shield, and a resource. Not only does this lightsaber have the Redeploy keyword, it also gives the attached character a shield after you play it, or two shields if the attached character is Rey. This protect the wielder from damage, but it also gives Rey ample shields to use her ability.


Of course, the heroes need other ways of dealing damage, and one of the best is through Poe Dameron's Blaster(Two-Player Game, 29). Poe Dameron’s Blaster features a ranged damage side, a modified ranged damage side, a disrupt side, a resource side, and a special symbol. The symbol allows you to deal two damage to a character, or three instead if attached character is Poe Dameron. Poe Dameron’s Blaster is one of the biggest threats on the battlefield, and can ensure you are damaging your opponent’s characters while protecting your own.

If you are looking for even more ranged damage, Strike Team (Two-Player Game, 27) is an expensive support at a cost of five resources, but boasts three die sides that show ranged damage, one side showing modified ranged damage, and a disrupt symbol. The cost can be decreased if your opponent has three or more resources, making it a more manageable investment if you bide your time. And with the Ambush keyword, you can even take an additional action after playing it, which can include activating it.

Equipping Rey or Poe with Inner Strength (Two-Player Game, 31) can ensure they remain on the board and fighting for the Resistance. The two-cost upgrade features a focus symbol, a shield symbol, a resource symbol, and two special symbols. These symbols allow you to move a damage from the attached character to a character with no shields. This can continually “heal” your characters while putting damage on opposing characters. 

The hero deck’s battlefield, Obi-Wan's Hut (Two-Player Starter, 46), also reinforces the shield theme of the deck. When claimed, you may give a Blue character one shield or pay one resource to give a non-Blue character a shield. This makes Rey an ideal target, and can limit your opponent’s options when they claim the battlefield, especially if they don’t have a Blue character. 

A Larger World

Once you’ve experienced the epic duels of Star Wars: Destiny Two-Player Game, a whole world of Star Wars: Destiny awaits. A second copy of the Star Wars: Destiny Two-Player Game will double your card pool, giving you two copies of every card and allowing you to use the elite version of all four characters. Furthermore, booster packs from AwakeningsSpirit of Rebellion, and Empire at War will further expand your collection with characters from every era of the epic saga.

An Epic Duel

The forces of the First Order and the Resistance are clashing, choose your side and duel with the Star Wars: Destiny Two-Player Game. Who will prevail in the epic struggle of heroes and villains? Only you can decide!

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