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Pathfinder ROTRL Miniature: 35 Seoni - Human Sorcerer


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You get one single miniature as per picture per purchase.


(Please note miniatures come pre-painted as seen.They are not bagged and some have delicate parts but every effort will be made to ensure they arrive with you in good condition)


Rise of the Runelords (RotR) Pathfinder Set #2

Release Date: August 2012


Rise of the Runelords Standard Boosters contains four collectible miniatures. Each blind box contains a random selection of miniatures from the set, including one Large figure and three Medium or Small figures. The Rise of the Runelords set contains four Huge figures, from the Treachery Demon to the Lamia Harridan. The large size and relatively small number of these figures makes it impractical to include them in the Standard Booster, so WizKids created a new product configuration: The Rise of the Runelords Huge Booster. Each blind-boxed Huge Booster contains a single Huge figure from the Rise of the Runelords set.

Huge Boosters come in the following configurations: Single Huge Booster, 6-ct. Huge Booster Case


Rise of the Runelords Set List



1 Bugbear Hero

2 Goblin Commando

3 Goblin Dog

4 Goblin Warchanter

5 Kobold Champion

6 Faceless Stalker

7 Ghoul

8 Harpy

9 Ogrekin

10 Yeth Hound

11 Denizen of Leng

12 Redcap

13 Sinspawn

14 SinspawnAxeman

15 Skinsaw Cultist

16 Alu-Demon

17 LamiaKuchrima

18 Shining Child

19 Warrior of Wrath

20 Wraith


21 Goblin Commando on Goblin Dog

22 JakardrosSovark

23 LyrieAkenja

24 AmeikoKaijitsu

25 Harsk, Dwarf Ranger

26 Lamia Matriarch

27 Malfeshnekor

28 OrikVancaskerkin

29 TsutoKaijitsu

30 Vale Temros

31 KavenWindstrike

32 Khalib

33 Ogre

34 Ogre Brute

35 Seoni, Human Sorcerer

36 ShaleluAndosana

37 ViorianDekanti

38 Dire Bear

39 Stone Giant

40 Stone Giant Champion

41 Vraxeris

42 Lamia

43 Wendigo

44 Yeti


45 Aldern Foxglove

46 JaagrathKreeg

47 Lucrecia

48 The Scribbler

49 The Skinsaw Man

50 HighladyAthroxis

51 The Mithral Mage

52 RunelordKarzoug

53 Stone Golem

54 Azaven

55 LamatarBayden

56 Mokmurian

57 Forgefiend

58 Nualia

59 WarchiefRipnugget

60 Young Red Dragon


61 Karzoug Statue

62 Lamia Harridan

63 Storm Giant

64 Treachery Demon

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Rune Lord Giant



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