Munchkin Games: Munchkin Treasure Hunt

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Munchkin Games: Munchkin Treasure Hunt

Approx 45-60  Mins              2 - 6 players             Ages 6+

Munchkin Games: Munchkin Treasure Hunt

Game Design by Andrew Hackard * Illustrated by John Kovalic

100 cards, gameboard, two dice, six standee tokens, and a rulebook.

Explore the Dungeon!

Move around the dungeon, fighting monsters and collecting treasures!

Munchkin Treasure Hunt is a great younger version of Munchkin and is a boardgame for up to six players, ages 6 and up .  Its is Munchkin simplified so that everyone in the family can be a Munchkin! It is easy to learn and great fun to play but ot without some strategy to give the adults something to get their teeth into.  Treasure Hunt comes with a board, two special custom made six-sided dice, 96 colourful game cards, four blank cards (so you can write your own if you are that adventurous!), six character standee tokens, and a rules-sheet.

As munchkins (that's you by the way!), you will move around the board. If you land on a monster, then use the Monster cards to find out how tough it is, then roll a dice and use your Treasures (like Protective to beat it.

When you eventually run out of Treasure cards, whoever has the most gold in their hand wins the game!

Heres a video to see what your getting into:


100 cards, gameboard, two dice, six standies, and a rulebook.

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