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Munchkin Booster: Star Munchkin Space Ships x 1 Booster


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Card Design by Andrew Hackard

15 cards. * Suggested Retail Price £4.99

Munchkin Booty introduced Ships to the world of Munchkin. You guys immediately asked why we didn’t have Ships for Star Munchkin as well. So now we do!

Star Munchkin: Space Ships lets you ride in – or on – the Horsefly, the Starfurry, or the USS Secondprize. You can buff your ships with a Quad-Mounted Laser or a Bridge. And you can let your new Sidekick, Otto, do the flying for you.

Live long and prosper and kill monsters!

Note: This is an expansion for Star Munchkin, not a stand-alone set. Space Ships is not collectible or randomized; every pack is the same as every other.



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