Impact Team Deal Razorback Gnoll 24 Plastic Minis

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Product Brand: Impact Miniatures

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Impact! Miniatures have been working with Trollforged to offer great complete team deals that could be used for multiple rosters for an economical price

The following companies have participated in bringing these teams to the market: Black Army, RAFM, Green Dog, A Band of Orcs, JBDemon Studios and ZN Games they also have worked with Phil Bowen to create more sculpts for two of his teams from when Phigs Miniatures.  

The end result ... 20 new teams ready to be moved to Trollcast!   Impact launched a kickstarter for these teams that closed in July and will no longer be taking orders until the kickstarter backers orders have been shipped …EXCEPT we have been given the opportunity to take Pre-Orders for these new teams for the next 6 weeks (So the only place to pre-order these teams is here and now….don’t miss out a second


All figures will be cast in Trollcast which is a spincast resin and sent unpainted.   Please note ... resin miniatures mean that the figures do require a bit of work to clean off flash when received and might require either light filing/sanding and/or an occasional bubble fill with Green Stuff or Liquid Green Stuff.   We will also include a 25mm slotted plastic base with each figure and 30mm no slot plastic base with each Big Guy figure.