Impact Miniatures: Skill Rings Plastic White x 1

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Product Brand: Impact Miniatures

Price: £0.99

This is for the Following Impact! Miniatures:

Series: Accessories

Race: NA

Position or Type: (Includes the single miniature featured as per main picture)

Condition:  New  (Picture for illustration only)

A Few Words About Impact! Miniatures:

We are pleased to be working with Impact! on bringing a great range of miniatures to your fantasy football pitch.

Impact! Miniatures was established in April 2006 by a group of fantasy football gamers to create miniatures for other players of fantasy football.

They manufacture 28mm scale fantasy football figures and conversion sprues to help gamers easily make their own custom fantasy football figures (More of these will follow shortly from tritex-games if you are after any particular figures that we haven't available please contact us for a direct quotation and we will happily work with you on satisfying your needs).

They also have contracted with Phil Bowen to bring the Phigs Miniatures range of miniatures back into production allowing them to be offered in our store for players again.

The figures are very detailed and suitable for painting and collecting. These figures are designed for Fantasy Football but they are easily adaptable for games and formats such as:

Blood Bowl, Elfball, Fantasy and Science Fiction Games.

They have the facility to design, create and cast miniatures to your specifications or bring your personal sculpts to the mould, which is a great addition to the community.

These miniatures are made of white metal (Please note the metal is lead free but due to thier small size we would not recommended these for small children)

Most of the Impact! miniatures displayed here if not otherwise noted are painted by Impact painters, many of these being by Urb, Ramsay MacPherson (Norse), Phil Bowen, or Ewan