Heresy Miniatures: Demons - Familiar No 3 Imp with Knife

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Product Brand: Hersey Miniatures

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This is For The Following Heresy Miniature:


Series: Demons

Race: Minion

Position or Type: Demonic Familiar No 3 Imp with Knife

Every insane disciple of the Darkness needs that helpful little demonic creature to do their fetching and carrying for them.

Suitable for use as most types of enormous demonic campaigns!

Miniature featured Sculpted by Paul Muller and painted by by Matt Lucus

(Includes one miniature as featured in the picture)

Condition: Unpainted as New (Picture for illustration only)

A Few Words About Heresy:

We are pleased to be working with Heresy on bringing a great range of miniatures to your home.

Heresy Miniatures was established in January 2002 by Andy Foster who is a very talented sculptor as well as the owner of Heresy!

All models and images contained here are © copyright Heresy 2002.

All models REQUIRE ASSEMBLY and are supplied UNPAINTED with plain, unmodelled bases. All models are hand cast in lead-free pewter and as such are unsuitable for children under 36 months.

Regarding scale, the most popular current scale is 28mm/30mm heroic scale, popularised by GW, which is the same scale these figures are moulded to!

28 mm represents an average height of a little under 6 feet tall. Some Heresy figures are slightly taller or shorter but all the figures are in scale to each other. This is the height measured from the base of the feet to the eyes of a models.

The figures are very detailed and suitable for painting, collecting and RPG's. Many of these figures can easily be integrated into the various rulesets and games that are currently on the market. Such as:

Death bowl, Fantasy Football, Wid West, Fantasy and Science Fiction

They are also easily adapted to D&D, and games such as Warhammer 40K, Warhammer Fantasy.

All of the Heresy miniatures displayed on this website are painted by professional painters as Named above!