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Hasslefree: Accessories Head Sprues - Alien Stalks heads x 4


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This is For The Following Hasslefree Miniatures:

Series: Accessories

Race: N/A

Position or Type: Hasslefree: Accessories Head Sprues – Alien Stalks Heads x 4!!

Pack containing 4 ‘stalks’ heads previously sculpted by Michael Thorpe for his entry in our ‘Sculpt a pirate’ competition.

Condition: All Figures come unpainted in new condition. (Unblistered) All figures will be supplied with round plastic bases not those featured! 

A few words about Hasslefree: We are pleased to be working with Hasslefree on bringing a great range of miniatures to your home. Hasslefree Miniatures was established in January 2004 by Kevin and Sally White. They manufacture 28mm scale fantasy and sci-fi figures. All work is done to a ‘true’ 28mm scale and not a ‘heroic’ scale which means that approximately a 5’10” tall man would be 28mm to his eye level. The figures are very detailed and suitable for painting, collecting and RPG’s. Many of these figures can easily be integrated into the various rule sets and games that are currently on the market. Such as: Fantasy Football, Wild West, Fantasy and Science Fiction They are also easily adapted to D&D, and games such as Warhammer 40K, Warhammer Fantasy. All of the Hasslefree miniatures displayed on this website are painted by professional painters as Named in the Pictures.


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