Games Workshop: Blood Bowl Main Game 2016 Edition

Games Workshop: Blood Bowl Main Game 2016 Edition

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Games Workshop: Blood Bowl Main Game 2016 Edn

One of Games Workshop’s all-time fan-favourites returns! 
Blood Bowl is the game of hyper-violent fantasy football, featuring rival teams of fantasy races battling it out on the skull-strewn sports field for victory over their foes while tens of thousands of bloodthirsty fans cheer them on.
Box Contents;
• 12 coloured plastic, push-fit human players (2 x Blitzers, 2 x Throwers, 2 x Catchers, 6 x Linemen) plus balls and counters.
• 12 coloured plastic, push-fit orc players (2 x Black Orc Blockers, 2 x Blitzers, 2 x Throwers, 6 x Linemen) plus balls and counters. 
• 56 page rulebook. 
• Double-sided fold-out card pitch (human on one side, orc on the other). 
• Two double-sided card dugouts (human on one side, orc on the other). 
• Two sets of special Blood Bowl dice (one blue for the humans, one green for the orcs).
• Plastic template set (range ruler, scatter template and throwing template). 
• Card deck, containing Special Play cards, four Star Player cards and player reference cards. 
• Decal sheet, containing numbers as well as human and orc symbols. 
• Two double-sided rules reference sheets. 
A game in a box! With push-fit, coloured plastic miniatures, this will appeal to customers that like board games and ‘game in a box ’ style products. 
2-player Game. This is a fast-paced, competitive game for two players. 
Expandable. Chance to increase game content with extra teams and Death Zone.
Here are some comments from the NAF as to what you might expect to find in the rules and set:

The core rules will be the CRP. There will be no changes.

League rules will be part of a Death Zone supplement book, released on the same day as the box set. The DZ supplement will contain full rosters for 7 teams, some of which will be released in plastic and some in resin: Nurgle, Dwarf, Skaven, and Elf Union (Pro Elf).  It will also contain rules and complete backgrounds for 20 Star Players, a couple of whom are new additions.

League rules are the same as the CRP, so the game remains the game we know and love. However, additional content has been added. Some of this was written by Jervis a few years ago, some is new. The intention is to add more narrative and more fun to leagues, adding new ways to play. This will very much be the theme going forward; to add to league play with variations and options whilst sticking with the core game we know and love.

Special Play cards will be released in due course, along with Star Player cards.

The pitch will have 34mm squares, rather than the current 29mm, but the square count will be the same. The total length will be about 13cm longer than currently (26 x 5mm). The box will contain a larger range ruler to match the larger squares, made in hard plastic rather than the classic flexible one. The board in the box will be hard cardboard, double sided with 2 different pitches, and folding into 6.

Bases for the new figures are 32mm, which is a style choice. There is nothing preventing the use of 25mm bases or any size you choose. Size of miniatures is also a style choice.

The miniatures are slightly larger than in previous editions, but we must remember that the previous edition was released in 1994. To give an idea of scale, the humans are about 30mm to the eye level.