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Designer: Impact! Miniatures 2007

Artists Melvin de Voor. Eric Reiter.

No of Players: 2

Suggested Age: 10 and up

Playing Time: 60-75 minutes

The crowd roars as the thrashing mass of armored arms and legs fights for possession of the ball. Somehow a lithe and agile Night Elf breaks away from the scrum with the ball in hand, but just as suddenly he is smashed into the ground by a towering ice troll. The ball is airborne … it is heading your way! Can you catch it? Can you dodge and twist your way to the goal circle?

In Elfball you do just that! Assemble a team of up to 12 players selected from a myriad of fantasy races and pit them against your friends in a fantasy rugby styled football game! You manage it all! From how many cheerleaders to hire right down to which direction your player will move! Your team learns and grows with you, so you can coach a set of rookies right into the halls of greatness! Every turn is a challenge and every roll of the dice is a chance for glory!

Elfball comes ready to play and takes only minutes to set up! Do you have what it takes to reach the goal?

The boxed set contains:

Elfball playing field (23.5 inches square)

1 Sheet of cutout players with 12 Red & 12 Blue cutout holders

Elfball full colour Rulebook & Quick Reference sheet

1 White Metal Elfball token

6 Elfball challenge dice

1 Green transparent Impact! D6

1 18″ Passing string

5 White tracking counters

2 Yellow movement counters

1 Green Velveteen Pouch

Elfball is not sold with any white metal miniatures (they must be purchased seperately). Elfball is the copyright of Impact! Miniatures 2007-2008.

About the Game:

ElfBall is rich in tactical stimulation, but streamlined in play. It’s the kind of game for those nights when you’d like to play something, but don’t want to commit to a traditional fantasy sports simulation.

One of the great mysteries of the sport of Elfball is just where it began, and how it got its name. The Elves of the vast forests of the Westerlands claim to have been playing the sport since the dawn of time, and that they named it in honor of themselves. The Dwarves and Orcs, high in their mountain homes, dispute this bold claim and insist that the game’s name instead refers to the type of severed head that makes the best ball core; both races maintain that they are in fact the originators and some of the bloodiest wars in the history of the realms have been fought over this claim. The men of the Middle Kingdoms ignore the squabbles of the elder races and call the game De Circque instead.

Today Elfball is played by every nation and tribe of the world, and with a few regional variations, it is played the same on fields throughout The Realms. The design of the field, the distinctive ball, and the rules of play are all quite standardized.

This game was prototyped in 2002 by Phigs Miniatures but did not see production until the game rules were overhauled and changed about 80% from the prototype and then released by Impact! Miniatures in 2007.


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