Mantic Games: Deadzone Rebs Specialists Booster x 5 Figures

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Product Brand: Deadzone

Was: £9.99

Price: £5.99

Number of Miniatures: 5

Product Type: Faction Booster

Miniatures: Sprueless Plastic

The Rebellion opens its arms to dissidents, free-thinkers and radicals from all races, hoping to one day overthrow the GCPS and bring freedom to the galaxy. Forcibly evicted from their homeworlds a century ago, Grogan are often looked down on as brainless thugs, but their thick-set frame belies a knack for technology which is gladly welcomed by the Rebellion. The Teraton Empire exists as a shadow of its former self thanks to shrewd wrangling by the Corporations, and the younger members of the race gladly pledge their strength and prodigious combat skill to the Rebs’ cause.

Requires the Faction Deck from the Rebs Faction Starter to use.



5 Plastic Rebs Miniatures:

  • 2 Survey Drone
  • 1 Grogan with Onslaught Cannon
  • 1 Grogan with Desolator
  • 1 Teraton Brawler
  • 1 40mm base
  • 5 25mm bases

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Sprueless Plastic requires super glue.