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DandD Miniatures Night Below: 05-60 Delver Sergeant C


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D&D MiniaturesYou get 1 x miniature as listed in the title per purchase.Condition: As these models are pre-painted, fully assembled, durable plastic and are now out of print and getting hard to source the miniatures supplied may not always be in a bag and sealed. However all models are checked prior to sending and will be in Very good or better condition if not new. In most instances they will come with statistic cards, if they are not available you will be advised. If at any time you are unhappy with any minature recieved please feel free to contact us immediately and we will endevour to resolve this to your satisfaction.Night BelowCondition: All figures come new & mint.D&D Miniatures Night Below Checklist Model Name CostFactnLvlRar1 Arcadian Avenger31LG8U2 Brass Golem67LG8U3 Champion of Dol Dorn42LG11U4 Deep Legionnaire7LG3C5 Delver Sergeant15LG3C6 Earth Mephit13LG3U7 Guard of Mithral Hall19LG7C8 Guardian Naga47LG11R9 Kalashtar Bodyguard35LG7U10 Large Gold Dragon140LG13R11 Shadowbane Inquisitor36LG8R12 Valiant Cavalry32LG6R13 Greyhawk City M Serge13LG/CG4C14 Raistlin Majere26LG/CG6R15 Darkmantle6CG1C16 Digester39CG6U17 Dire Tiger60CG8R18 Giant Eagle18CG4U19 Greater Basilisk54CG8R20 Halfling Tombseeker25CG7U21 Hierophant 7th Wind47CG8R22 Verdant of the Reaver34CG6U23 Warpriest of Vandria40CG10U24 Wild Mage29CG7U25 Wulfgar54CG8R26 Aspect of Loviatar81LE9R27 Assassin29LE7U28 Bluespawn Ambusher15LE4C29 Dread Wraith70LE8R30 Exarch of Tyranny54LE8R31 Greater Barghest35LE9R32 Greenspawn Zealot33LE6U33 Hobgoblin Marshal22LE3C34 Ice Mephit13LE3U35 Kobold Trapmaker10LE4C36 Lady Vol98LE10R37 Medusa Archer43LE6U38 Mind Flayer Lich63LE10R39 Noble Salamander53LE8R40 Prisoner5LE3C41 Skeletal Courser28LE4R42 Trained Carrion Crawler28LE6U43 Krenshar7LE/CE2U44 Lifeleech Otyugh45LE/CE6R45 Babau29CE7U46 Berserk Flesh Golem47CE9R47 Carnage Demon10CE3C48 Cerebrilith65CE9U49 Clawborn Scorrow32CE8R50 Dracotaur Rager44CE7R51 Drow Enforcer16CE5U52 Frost Giant Jarl102CE10R53 Gnoll Claw Fighter24CE3C54 Kuo-Toa Hunter9CE4C55 Kuo-Toa Whip25CE6U56 Large Chaos Beast26CE6U57 Lge Shadow Dragon48CE9R58 Large White Dragon32CE8R59 Orc Banebreak Rider52CE8R60 Shadow17CE3U


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