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D&D Miniatures Handbook


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D&D Miniatures Handbook

These source books are out of print and very rare in this condition

They are in excellent condition Most are unread as new but others may have been at best read once but relatively unused since.

The cover and pages are all like new.


It includes information about the Dungeons and Dragons
Miniatures Game, new base classes, prestige classes, feats, spells, and
monsters, including aspects of deities and archfiends.


1.Characters Provides
information on the Favored Soul, Healer, Marshal, and Warmage classes. Also
provides details on the Bonded Summoner, Dragon Samurai, Havoc Mage, Skullclan
Hunter, Tactical Soldier, War Hulk, and Warchief prestige classes. It also
provide numerous feats.

2.Magic: Provides
information on new spells, ranging from 0th level to 5th level, as well as
several new magic items.

3.Monsters: Provides
information on new monsters, including the Kruthik, Mad Slasher, Protectar, and

4.Stat Cards:
Provides information on reading and understanding the Dungeons and Dragons
Miniatures Game statistics cards, with respect both to roleplaying and

5.Skirmish Rules:
Provides information on Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures Game skirmish game.
Including Command, Movement, Spells, and Terrain. Also provides rules on
skirmish campaigns.

6.Mass Battle Rules:
Presents rules for large scale action in which creatures fight together in
large, regimented groups, utilizing the Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures Game.

7.Random Dungeons:
Shows you how to turn your miniatures’ stat cards into a “dungeon
deck” to generate random encounters.


Dungeons and Dragons

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