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D&D Miniatures Dragoneye: 41-60 Carrion Crawler U


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D&D Miniatures Dragoneye: 41-60 Carrion Crawler U

Dragoneye Expansion Pack

D&D Miniatures Expansion Pack

Ready yourself for a random encounter dominated by dragons and dragonkind, along with a horde of other heroes, villains, and monsters. Taken straight from D&D rulebooks, such as the Draconomicon, Complete Warrior, Miniatures Handbook, and the Dragonlance Campaign Setting, these characters are ready for battle — right out of the box.

Each randomized Dragoneye expansion pack contains 8 randomly selected, prepainted, fully assembled, collectible miniatures with double-sided statistic cards for use with D&D roleplaying game or for fast-paced head-to-head combat.

Three separate Dragoneye miniatures packs are pictured at left. Each one contains a random selection of miniatures.

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Release Date December 2003


Dungeons and Dragons

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