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DandD Miniatures Basic Set: Yuan-Ti Swiftscale


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D&D Basic Game Figures When Stephen Schubert announced at Gencon that all of the D&D Miniatures stat cards from every set would soon be available through the wizards website — well, it came as something of a surprise to us. Not an unpleasant surprise, though. We’re happy to make the cards available! As a special holiday treat, we’re offering a special set of stat cards. The twelve figures that come in the D&D Basic Game are repainted versions of figures that were originally released in earlier D&D Miniatures expansions. Because the text on their bases was changed, however, they were ruled ineligible for sanctioned play. This special set of cards contains notes that allow these figures to be used as shown below (provided you have the special cards!). This Figure Can Be Used As Blue Dragon: Large Blue Dragon Dothal, Dwarf Cleric: Cleric of Moradin Lanin, Elf Wizard: Evermeet Wizard Gargoyle: Gargoyle Goblin Archer: Goblin Sneak Goblin Warrior: Goblin Warrior Carn, Human Rogue: Graycloak Ranger Harpy: Harpy Orc Mauler: Orc Mauler Regdar, Human Fighter: Regdar, Adventurer Skeleton: Warrior Skeleton Young Minotaur: Young Minotaur Links to these files can also be found on the FAQ/Errata page for easy future reference. D&D Basic Game skirmish cards — (0.63 MB .zip)


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