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DandD Miniature WODQ 38-60 Large Green Dragon R


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Weight:  3 kg


D&D Miniatures:

You get 1 x miniature as listed in the title per purchase.

Condition: As
these models are pre-painted, fully assembled, durable plastic and are now out
of print and getting hard to source the miniatures supplied may not always be
in a bag and sealed. However all models are checked prior to sending and will
be in Very good or better condition if not new. In most instances they will
come with statistic cards, if they are not available you will be advised.

If at any time you are unhappy with any miniature received
please feel free to contact us immediately and we will endeavour to resolve
this to your satisfaction.

War of the Dragon Queen
WODQ Set List
NumberNameFactionWarband CostRty
01/60 Aasimar FighterLG4C
02/60 Aspect of Bahamut (epic)LG318R
03/60 Cleric of SyrethLG47U
04/60 Dragonborn FighterLG30R
05/60 Golden ProtectorLG41R
05/60 Golden Protector (epic)LG141R
06/60 Meepo, DragonlordLG31R
07/60 Slaughterstone EvisceratorLG36R
07/60 Slaughterstone Eviscerator (epic)LG179R
08/60 Tordek, Dwarf ChampionLG59R
08/60 Tordek, Dwarf Champion (epic)LG240R
09/60 War WeaverLG33R
10/60 Bonded Fire SummonerCG43U
11/60 Clawfoot RiderCG48R
12/60 Goliath Cleric of KavakiCG36R
13/60 Griffon CavalryCG63R
13/60 Griffon Cavalry (epic)CG167R
14/60 Small Copper Dragon CG15U
15/60 Spellscale SorcererCG31R
16/60 Storm Archer CG33U
16/60 Storm Archer (epic)CG160U
17/60 Tavern BrawlerCG4C
18/60 Warden of the WoodCG46U
19/60 Azer FighterLG/LE10C
20/60 Huge Fire Elemental (epic)CG/CE151U
21/60 Purple Worm (epic)CG/CE189U
22/60 War ApeCG/CE14C
23/60 Wizened Elder WatcherCG/CE34R
24/60 Aspect of Tiamat (epic)LE352R
25/60 Blackguard on NightmareLE68R
25/60 Blackguard on Nightmare (epic)LE195R
26/60 Bluespawn Godslayer (epic)LE145U
27/60 Cadaver CollectorLE103R
28/60 Diseased Dire Rat LE14C
29/60 Displacer Beast Pack Lord (epic)LE169U
30/60 Doom Fist MonkLE27C
31/60 Dracolich (epic)LE256R
32/60 Dragonwrought KoboldLE11U
33/60 Dread WarriorLE10C
34/60 Eldritch Giant (epic)LE236R
35/60 Greenspawn RazorfiendLE45U
36/60 Hobgoblin Talon of TiamatLE37R
37/60 Kobold ZombieLE4C
38/60 Large Green DragonLE51R
39/60 Wererat RogueLE9U
40/60 Poison Dusk LizardfolkLE/CE7U
41/60 WitchknifeLE/CE33C
42/60 Blackspawn ExterminatorCE39U
43/60 Cleric of LaogzedCE30C
44/60 CloudreaverCE6C
45/60 Demonic Gnoll ArcherCE40U
46/60 Huge Fiendish Spider (epic)CE142U
47/60 Hunting HyenaCE5C
48/60 Large Fang DragonCE42R
49/60 Magma HurlerCE33R
50/60 Mountain Troll (epic)CE173U
51/60 Ogre SkirmisherCE38U
52/60 Redspawn FirebelcherCE39R
53/60 Small Black DragonCE11U
54/60 Small Fire ElementalCE8U
55/60 Sorcerer on Black Dragon (epic)CE200R
56/60 StirgeCE9U
57/60 Tundra Scout (epic)CE166R
58/60 Twig BlightCE3C
59/60 Whitespawn HordelingCE9C
60/60 Yuan-Ti Halfblood SorcererCE51U


Dungeons and Dragons

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Weight:  3 kg


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