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DandD Miniature Unhallowed 01-60 Blessed Hunter U


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Weight:  3 kg


D&D Miniatures:

You get 1 x miniature as listed in the title per purchase.
Condition: As these models are pre-painted, fully assembled, durable plastic and are now out of print and getting hard to source the miniatures supplied may not always be in a bag and sealed. However all models are checked prior to sending and will be in Very good or better condition if not new. In most instances they will come with statistic cards, if they are not available you will be advised.
If at any time you are unhappy with any minature recieved please feel free to contact us immediately and we will endevour to resolve this to your satisfaction.

Number Model Name Cost Faction Level Rarity
 height=1Blessed Hunter47LG8 height=
 height=2Celestial Giant Owl30LG8 height=
 height=3Cormyrean War Wizard29LG8 height=
 height=4Devotee of the Slver Flame7LG4 height=
 height=5Knight of the Chalice25LG5 height=
 height=6Pentifex Monolith32LG6 height=
 height=7Phalanx Soldier12LG4 height=
 height=8Shield Guardian41LG10 height=
 height=9Stone Giant Runecarver91LG10 height=
 height=10Van Richten59LG10 height=
 height=11Vampire Hunter18LG/CG7 height=
 height=12Air Mephit18CG3 height=
 height=13Asura40CG8 height=
 height=14Changeling Rogue8CG4 height=
 height=15Cleric of Sune34CG7 height=
 height=16Dwarf Battlerager17CG7 height=
 height=17Halfling Brawler15CG5 height=
 height=18Large Astral Construct43CG7 height=
 height=19Large Brass Dragon50CG10 height=
 height=20Lyrandar Skyfire Captain55CG8 height=
 height=21Marid46CG8 height=
 height=22Pseudodragon12CG2 height=
 height=23Rat Swarm17CG4 height=
 height=24Stormrage Shambler72CG8 height=
 height=25Virtuous Charger40CG7 height=
 height=26Wild Elf Warsinger9CG3 height=
 height=27Wizard of Turmish33LG/LE7 height=
 height=28High Inquisitor49LG/LE8 height=
 height=29Large Ice Elemental28LG/LE8 height=
 height=30Bat Familiar6All1 height=
 height=31Beholder Lich64LE11 height=
 height=32Blood Golem of Hextor52LE10 height=
 height=33Blood of Vol Divinity Seeker26LE7 height=
 height=34Bone Naga62LE10 height=
 height=35Count Strahd Von Zarovich, Vampire93LE11 height=
 height=36Devourer60LE10 height=
 height=37Displacer Beast Manhunter47LE9 height=
 height=38Duergar Slaver26LE6 height=
 height=39Gorgon70LE8 height=
 height=40Graypeak Goblin Archer8LE2 height=
 height=41Inspired Shock Trooper11LE2 height=
 height=42Nessian Warhound62LE10 height=
 height=43Ogre Executioner51LE9 height=
 height=44Strahd Zombie20LE6 height=
 height=45Torturer27LE9 height=
 height=46Tsucora Quori67LE10 height=
 height=47Ultroloth62LE12 height=
 height=48Bugbear Gang Leader23CE4 height=
 height=49Caller in Darkness53CE10 height=
 height=50Canoloth24CE6 height=
 height=51Dark Talon Champion7CE3 height=
 height=52Fire Mephit13CE3 height=
 height=53Gravetouched Ghoul23CE5 height=
 height=54Intellect Devourer32CE6 height=
 height=55Large Black Dragon44CE10 height=
 height=56Redspawn Arcaniss44CE8 height=
 height=57Thrall of Blackrazor43CE8 height=
 height=58Tiefling Warlock25CE6 height=
 height=59Vampire Dire Wolf48CE6 height=
 height=60Werewolf Lord53CE8 height=
 height= height= height= height=
Chaotic EvilChaotic GoodLawful EvilLawful Good


Dungeons and Dragons

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Weight:  3 kg


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