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DandD Icons Orcus Prince of Undeath Giant Miniature


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This model is 2nd Hand and unboxed – it comes in good condition. Miniature Only included  It will be packed well for transportation.

Orcus – Prince of Undeath

Release estimated 15 JUN – this model was originally released in very restricted quantities and is very rare

Unleash the horror of the Abyss! One of the most powerful demon lords of the Abyss, Orcus, Demon Prince of the Undead, sets out to destroy the world of the living and rule over the undead! Can your adventurers stand against this vile demon prince?

Each box set contains one pre-painted, fully assembled, plastic Gargantuan Orcus figure, in scale with other Dungeons & Dragons miniatures, The Orcus figure can also be removed from its base for display purposes.

D&D Minis – Orcus

Orcus – Prince of Undeath




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Weight:  20 kg