DandD Icons Colossal Red Dragon


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This model is 2nd Hand and is unboxed.  It is in very good condition and will be packed well for transportation.

Something BIG is Here…

To celebrate Dungeons & Dragons ‘Year of Dragons’ the newly established D&D Miniature Icons range is launching with two huge Dragon miniatures…a Gargantuan Black Dragon (4″x4″ base) and a Colossal Red Dragon (8″x8″ base pictured above).

This debut Colossal product contains not only a strikingly painted red dragon, but an accompanying oversized stat card as well. There is a double sided full-color map and a playable game scenario to really get the battle going. Like all the figures in the D&D Icons line, this Red Dragon is playable in both the D&D Miniatures skirmish game and any roleplaying campaign.

Wizards of the Coast are only producing a very limited number of these models, so the only way to garauntee getting your hands on it on launch day is to get one immediately!

This is Big Check out comparrisons to other figures!!


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