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D&D 3-5 Legend of Lairs - Path of Magic


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D&D 3-5 Legend of Lairs – Path of Magic

These source books are out of print and very rare in this condition

They are in excellent condition Most are unread as new but others may have been at best read once but relatively unused since.

The cover and pages are all like new.


Fantasy Flight Games, 1 Sep 2002176 pages
Beautifully designed and illustrated in the Legends & Lairs tradition, Darkness & Dread offers a wide variety of exciting new features, including: New rules for madness, fear, and other psychological effects, new monsters utilizing fear, a complete pantheon of god-like beings that grant their followers powers and madness, new prestige classes, feats, and spells designed for survival in a dark fantasy campaign, and information on integrating the horrific into your world setting.


Dungeons and Dragons

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