DC Comics Statue Batman Advanced Suit by Josh Nizzi 51cm


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DC Comics Statue Batman Advanced Suit by Josh Nizzi 51cm

This is a pre-order exclusive that is open until 15.03.21 – It will be then made to order and shipped in September 2022 (Shipment dates are based on manufacturing estimates provided by our supplier and may be subject to change.  If this happens we will notify you immediately)

Manufacturer: Prime 1 Studio

Prime 1 Studio is equally proud to offer the standalone Batman Advanced Suit Design by Josh Nizzi!

The dedicated artists and sculptors at Prime 1 Studio have painstakingly crafted a separate and complete Batman statue designed to look equally as imposing next to The Justice Buster Suit he has just climbed out of. This is no mere afterthought. This Batman is ready to mix it up!

The standalone Batman statue is sculpted at full-size and to-scale with the Justice Buster suit: coming in at 20 inches tall! The bat-symbol on his chest lights up with its own dedicated LED and his cape is fully poseable for dramatic, wind-blown action.

Impressive on its own, or paired with the full Justice Buster Suit, this Batman statue is meant to be in any serious Batman collector’s Batcave!


– Statue Size approximately 51 x 29 x 28 cm
– LED illumination in chest symbol
– Fully poseable fabric cape

Limited Edition.



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Weight:  10 kg