Dastardly Dirigibles: A Steampunk Airship Building Game

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Dastardly Dirigibles: A Steampunk Airship Building Game

  • Core Set: Dastardly Dirigibles
  • Manufacturer: Fireside Games
  • No of Players: 2-5
  • Playing Time: 60+ Minutes
  • Minimum Age: 8+


Step into the boots of a daring airship engineer in “Dastardly Dirigibles”, a fast-paced, steampunk-themed card game. Compete to inherit the legendary Hornswoggle factory by crafting the most magnificent airship, using wit, strategy, and a bit of sabotage against your rivals.

Game Features:

  • Components: Includes beautifully illustrated, tarot-sized cards featuring nine distinct suits of airship parts, along with special action cards to spice up the gameplay.
  • Unique Gameplay Mechanics: Engage in a dynamic building experience where every time a player adds a new part to their airship, all players must add that same part to their own vessels. This can lead to dramatic shifts in strategy and may force you to replace parts you’ve already played.
  • Scoring System: Only the most frequently used suit in your airship counts towards your score at the end of each round, making strategic consistency key to victory.

Why Play Dastardly Dirigibles?

  • Strategic Depth: Offers a rich blend of strategic decision-making and adaptability, challenging players to plan ahead while reacting to the moves of their opponents.
  • Interactive Play: The constant action format keeps all players engaged throughout the game, ensuring lively interactions and tactical maneuvers.
  • Replayability: With three rounds of play and a variety of suits and special cards, no two games are alike. The challenge of balancing your airship’s design with tactical use of special cards provides endless entertainment.

Gameplay Overview:

  1. Setup: Each player starts with a hand of cards. Parts and special action cards are drawn from the deck.
  2. Building Phase: Players take turns adding parts to their airship. Each new part played forces all other players to add the same type of part to their airships.
  3. Special Actions: Use special cards to gain advantages like swapping out parts or sabotaging opponents.
  4. Scoring: Once the first airship is complete, the round ends. Players score based on the suit that appears most frequently in their airship.
  5. Winning: After three rounds, the player with the highest total score wins the game and claims the Hornswoggle factory!

Prepare to build and strategize as you vie for the inheritance of the century. Can you out-build and out-smart your competitors to become the new owner of the Hornswoggle airship factory? Find out in “Dastardly Dirigibles”!

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