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Popular Board Games That Will Help Your Child’s Brain Development

3 Popular Board Games That Will Help Your Child’s Brain Development

An article written by: Jackie Edwards

Does your child spend countless hours in front of a screen playing video games or binge-watching the same old shows? Are you looking for a way to engage them and develop their thinking skills? Board games are one of the best ways to get kids away from the television. But, not all games are created equal. Here are three options that are sure to stimulate your young one’s brain development.


Four diseases have broken out at the same time across the globe in Pandemic. Before mankind is wiped out, a team of disease-fighting specialists in an array of fields must work together to cure the diseases. The board is in the shape of our planet.

Pandemic is different from most board games in that the players are cooperating rather than competing. To stop the worldwide pandemic, the players have to coordinate their actions as a team. On almost every turn, players discuss options and strategy together. All the players win and the world is saved if everyone does their part. So, Pandemic helps your child develop cooperation and teamwork skills.


Monopoly is a classic game involving two to eight players. Players purchase pieces of property and develop them, and the winner is determined by whoever has the most money. The game is essentially an introduction to capitalism. The benefits of Monopoly are well-documented. Youngsters learn that they must have enough money on hand to cover setbacks in life. They learn that in order to grow their savings they must invest and diversify their money. And, in order to win in life, you must establish goals and let them guide you in your decision making.

Settlers of Catan

Each player is a settler on the island of Catan in the multiplayer strategy board game – Settlers of Catan. A map of Catan serves as the board. In order to build roads, settlements, and cities, players gather up resources to try to become the dominant force in Catan. The resources are stone, sheep, brick, grain, and wood.

Settlers of Catan teaches your child how to analyze the current situation to form new strategies, negotiation, and resource management. In order to have the best chance of winning, players must trade with each other. But, if someone is doing exceedingly well, you don’t want them to get the resources they need. This complexity is a perfect way to enhance brain development.

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