Our Quick Guide to Playing the X-Wing Miniatures Game

The X-Wing Miniatures Game by Fantasy Flight Games is a fast paced game, packed with exciting space combat with well-known spacecraft taken straight from the Star Wars universe. This highly strategic game revolves around players setting up their intended plan of attack, and then revealing them over the next few turns, as well as trying to outfox their opponents!

However, like most tabletop games, it can be quite daunting to get started. We thought that we’d try and help any newbies to the game learn a bit more about how to play this fun, fast-moving game. Some examples may be specific to the starter box.


There are a few initial steps to take before you can start playing the game.

Assemble your ships

When you buy your miniatures, there should be a leaflet inside the box, which gives instructions on how to assemble them. They’re very simple, and just push together to fit onto a base. However, each ship has a specific card that goes on the base so it’s important to check you use the right one.

Choose your faction

One player must turn to the Dark Side and play as the First Order, meaning they take the TIE fighters (or equivalent Sith ships), while the other player is the Resistance, so they take the X-wing. Make sure each player also takes their matching ship cards and manoeuvre dial. Then the Resistance player places three shield tokens on the X-Wing’s Ship card.

Establish your playing area

The standard play area for this game is a 3’ by 3’ space on a flat surface. Players must place their cards and dials outside the play area near their faction’s edge.

Place forces

Place your ships in the play area as possible to their edge as possible, near the middle.

Prepare other components

Shuffle the damage card deck and place it down along with the range ruler, manoeuvre templates, dice and stress tokens next to the play area.

Playing a game

The X-Wing Miniatures Game is played over a series of turns, and each turn consists of four phases:

  1. Planning phase
  2. Activation phase
  3. Combat phase
  4. End phase


In this phase, each player secretly chooses a manoeuvre for each of their ships using their manoeuvre dials, then places each dial face-down next the corresponding ship. Each manoeuvre corresponds to a manoeuvre template, which the player uses in the next phase to determine where the ship moves. After everyone has chosen their manoeuvres and placed their dials down, you can move onto the next phase.


During this phase, each ship moves one at a time. The ship with the lowest pilot skill moves first, then the other ships in ascending order of pilot skill. Pilot skill can be found on a ship card or token. To move a ship, you must first flip the ships manoeuvre dial face up and find the matching manoeuvre template. You then slide the matching end of the template between the front guides of the ship’s base so it is flush against the base, then while firmly holding the template in place, slide the rear guides of the base into the opposite end of the template. After all, ships have moved, proceed to the combat phase.


During this phase, each ship can perform one attack. The ship with the highest pilot skill attacks first, followed by the rest in descending order of skill. To perform a ship’s attack, the attacker must choose an enemy to attack, then roll a number of red attack dice equal to their ship’s primary weapon value (the red number). The defender must then roll a number of green defence dice equal to its agility value (the green number). The players then compare dice results, cancelling one hit (solid explosion or explosion outline) for each dodge (squiggly arrow) result. The defender suffers damage equal to the un-cancelled amount of hits, either to its shield value or if it has no shield value, to its hull value. When a ship has no shield and hull value, it is destroyed and removed from the play area. After each ship has attacked, proceed to the End phase.

End phase

Players begin the next turn, starting with the playing phase again!

Winning the game

The winner of the game is the first player to destroy all of their opponent’s ships!

We at Tritex Games hope that this quick guide has given you a bit more insight into the world of fast paced, space-based dogfighting in the Star Wars universe. The X-Wing Miniatures Game can be a lot of fun, and there are tonnes of different ships you can buy, as well as a really handy starter pack, letting you get started with the game. Tritex Games is proud to stock a wide range of X-Wing Miniature Game Models and accessories on our online store.

More in-depth rules for the game can be found here, or a video tutorial can be found here.


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