Celebrate the Final Season of GOT with a Fun Games Night

Celebrate the Final Season of GOT with a Fun Games Night

An Article by Jackie Edwards

The Game of Thrones Season 7 Finale smashed a series record last August when more than 12.1 million viewers tuned in to the episode according to a report issued by Nielson. Now, with the eighth and final season underway, Thronies from all corners of the globe will be coming together to celebrate their joint love for the HBO series. While sitting in front of the telly with a bowl of popcorn catching the latest episode is indeed fun, there are other ways to celebrate your love for the series. An evening of board games with like-minded friends may very well turn into a regular occurrence, especially if you follow a few basic guidelines to make it extra entertaining.

Get the board games ready

If you and your friends are die-hard GOT fans, you will obviously want to play GOT-themed board games.  The Game of Thrones Board Game is bound to keep any fan of the series enthralled for hours at a time.  The updated second edition of the game promises to take your board gaming experience to the next level with the incorporation of elements such as garrisons, ports, siege engines, and Wildling cards.  If you are looking to change things up a bit, why not bring out the fast-paced card game Hand of the King that requires you to form alliances with certain players while conspiring against others. Whether you choose one of these super GOT-themed games, or make time to play them both, you are destined to have a night to remember.  

Dress up for the occasion

You know what is more fun than a GOT games night - a GOT games night that incorporates fancy dress.  The possibilities are endless when it comes to a Game of Thrones dress-up. Some brave guys may choose to give their best impersonation of Khal Drogo while others will feel more comfortable dressed up as Tyrion Lannister. Missandei and Khaleesi are always popular choices among the ladies will undoubtedly get the men at your party feeling rather flustered. Dressing up is always fun and thankfully there is a GOT costume that will appeal to fans of all ages, shapes, and sizes.

Make some awesome GOT-themed snacks and decorations

Once you have your board games and costume ready, the only other things you need to worry about are some snacks and GOT decorations. While no one will expect you to build an iron throne, you can create an awesome atmosphere with a couple of Dolthraki-esque lanterns, awesome home-made dragon eggs, and a DIY miniature dragon mobile. Depending on your skills in the kitchen, you may either opt to serve a feast that includes the boar that killed King Robert (a beef or pork roast will do) or a simpler selection of snacks such as mini pork pies, popcorn, beef skewers, and Ned Stark cake pops.

As a die-hard GOT fan you owe it to yourself to have a dress-up games night, even if it is only once. Not only will you be able to spend time with like-minded individuals, but you will also be able to show off your knowledge of the show, both during the game and in your set-up for the night.

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