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Lexicographical Board Games Boost The Brain

Lexicographical Board Games Boost The Brain

An article by Jackie Edwards

Even without a specific educational aspect, board games are one of the best fun activities that you can undertake to boost your brainpower. One study, conducted by Ulm University, Germany, found that just a few hours of game time a week improves overall cognitive health. Looking towards board games with an educational edge will help to boost that factor to an even greater degree, and provide you with an outlet where you can both relax and develop your grey matter.

The power of words

Board games that concern themselves with word play are some of the simplest to pick up, yet most difficult to master. The benefits of these games are tangible, with benefits ranging from improved vocabulary to a greater aptitude for learning complex grammar structures, as one scientific study established. Those looking to learn a new language are often directed to play simple word-based board games, like crosswords and word searches. Even the most basic word-based puzzles can provide an excellent way to boost your vocabulary and brain power – they get you thinking, get you working through your memory, and provide a way to relax at the same time, creating a positive feedback loop.

Going a step further

Board games can be wonderfully complex, and even basic pattern-teaching games can give you an even bigger boost and start to develop your tertiary skills. Take, for example, Paperback, which turns word play into an economy. Simply by the fact of playing Paperback, you’ll create and develop your own lexicon. This helps to build pattern learning and numerical skills alongside your ability with words, which will be to the benefit of more than just your English language skills. Pattern recognition is an important skill, both in work and in day to day life, and is an invaluable thing to develop. Furthermore, numerical skills always come in handy, and will become increasingly relevant as more of life is conducted through digital mediums.

Developing your creativity

Games like Paperback already demand a level of creativity from players, but this is largely confined to the economy you’re creating. The best boardgames involve an element of silliness, and few are as good for this as Telestrations. Essentially a game of whispers where words are presented as creative drawing, it demands creative writing but also acts as a test of your vocabulary. Creative skills are often overlooked in favour of mathematical and analytical ones, but often contribute to a wider sense of being well educated and able to perform under pressure. Games like Telestrations give you the opportunity to hone your creativity, learn through wordplay, and interact with your family all the while.

Board games are great fun and are renowned for their positive effects on learning and mental ability. Completing a board game with your family will help you to relax, while also generating tangible benefits on your family relationships and your learning ability. Take it to another level and pick up some word play based games; you’ll learn more than just some extra words.