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Have Games, Will Travel: Entertainment For The Road

Have Games, Will Travel: Entertainment For The Road 

An article by Jackie Edwards

No matter your destination, it’s the journey that counts. Well, that’s only true if you use your time wisely. Long journeys can be difficult for children and finding ways to keep them entertained can be an exhausting task. Even keeping yourself entertained over the course of an extended trip or long-haul flight can seem like a challenge. Like a kid in a candy store, there is a huge selection of games that you can pack in your hand luggage, ready to whip out before boredom sets in.

Road Trip Games

The beauty of playing games during a road trip is that you only need minimal “parts”. Drivers may choose to opt in or out of the game if you are on a car journey to your destination, whereas on a train everyone can take part. Now the fun begins; do you choose card games, dice games, or do you opt from a selection of “rules only”games to keep everyone involved?

If your trip has you spending extended time in the car or RV as part of a self-catered holiday or camping trip, you can really have some fun and get play some games that require more time. The whole family can play along, and each game will have a different outcome. When you are ready to move on, simply pack up and start again.

If you are embarking on a solo trip, and are in need of a leisurely distraction, there are plenty of games that you can try – just as long as you aren’t at the wheel. If you are need of something a little bit more exciting and challenging than your average Sudoku or word search (which you cannot go wrong with) try picking up a one-player board game. The games will allow for more players, but depending on the game you choose, you will encounter problem-solving, strategic planning and each game can last a couple of hours.

Why are they so great?

The great thing about playing games, whether you are travelling solo or have a family to boot, is that there are some surprising additional benefits. Not only do you pass the time, making your journey feel quicker by comparison, you can also apprehend and evade boredom and the incessant “are we there yet?” impatience of those you are transporting.

Game playing, in particular role play games are hugely instrumental for family bonding. Time away from mobile phones and computer screens, everyone interacting encourages communication and relationship building. Even when there are disagreements, you are practicing conflict resolution, the art of negotiation and finessing the art of getting your point across.  For both kids and adults alike, games encourage creativity and imagination, and develop problem solving skills. These are skills that benefit you throughout life, including during study and in the workplace.

Regardless of how many of you are taking part – even if it’s only you – all participants will benefit from learning development. Game play stimulates memory and improves your mood by building the hippo campus around the pre-frontal cortex of the brain, which is responsible for complex functions. Any activity which requires learning a new skill will exercise the muscles in your mind and help the brain become healthier. But, most importantly, it’s super fun.