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Get Your Game On With a Board Game Themed Party

Get Your Game On With a Board Game Themed Party

An article by Jackie Edwards

If you are looking to organise a birthday party soon, how about hosting a board game themed party? While console games and new virtual games might be what many people immediately think of if you suggest a game themed party, board games are still holding their own. Traditional table top board games which have been around since your grandparents’ generation, has actually experienced a surprising growth in the past 10 years. In fact, thousands of new board games are released each year, with the most popular games selling millions of copies.

A Successful Board Game Party is All in the Planning

So, you have decided on your board game themed party but you’ll next need to decide who you want to celebrate your birthday with you. Will it be just your close gamer friends or do you want a big crowd and invite more of your family and friends? While you might love gaming, a game themed birthday party is a great way to share your hobby with all your friends. But if you do invite a mixture of games and non-gamers, you will just need to keep in mind that your guests may have different expectations and you will need to think about how you make sure everyone is catered for. 

Choose Gamer Favourite Party Food

It’s not a birthday party without party food, but you should give some thought to what kind of party snacks you will have. If your guests will be snacking while they are gaming, then it’s a good idea to offer a selection of finger food, whether you make it yourself or treat your guests to a party food platter. Crisps, dips, vegetable sticks with hummus, sandwiches, pizza slices, cut up fruit are all good options that will hopefully make minimal mess and not result in too many sticky fingers on your board and cards.

Give your Party an Adventure Game Theme

So, you have the invitations and food organised, you just need to choose which game you and your guests are going to play. Adventure themed games are a great excuse to get your friends doing some role play and are great fun for a party. With Munchkin, for instance, it’s every person for themselves. You start off as a level 1 human and have to cheat and steal your way to reach level ten. You boost your level by playing races, classes and equipment, and then you will be able to kill the monsters before they eat you. Another alternative game you could play if all the guests are adults is Red Dragon Inn. In this game, you become an adventurer and buy your friends drinks with the aim of being the last person standing at the end of the night. Each person has their own deck of cards with actions that suit the particular character. But too much drinking and gambling could see you kicked out of the inn if you get too drunk or run out of money.

A board game party is a great way to celebrate a birthday while having a great time with your friends. And whether they are gamers like you or new to board game adventures, with great food on hand, good company and a good board game, everyone will be sure to have a great time.