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Fun, Health-Themed Board Games For Kids

Fun, Health-Themed Board Games For Kids

An article by Jackie Edwards

We all love war games for fun and entertainment, but they also provide many important mental, emotional, and social benefits for children. Communicating verbally, sharing, waiting, taking turns, and enjoying interaction can improve emotional regulation and social skills in children, according to Yahoo. Moreover, there are plenty of educational games available designed to teach children about physical health and encourage movement. So, here’s a roundup of the top health-themed games children are bound to love.

Dental hygiene

It’s important for kids to learn dental hygiene from a young age, but they’re not always interested in hearing about it. Enter the “Eat This, Not That!” game. All you need to do is cut out food pictures from magazines. Task the children to pick out the healthy foods like fruit and vegetables, as well as unhealthy foods like chocolate and fizzy drinks. Then get two small paper bags: draw a “happy tooth” on one bag and a “sad tooth” on the other. Get the kids to sort through the food pictures and match them to the corresponding bag. You can even involve their favourite miniatures and talk about the foods they should be eating to maintain healthy teeth. This is especially useful if your child has braces and needs to avoid certain foods to protect both their smile and the braces.

Strength and fitness

Families who go out for regular bike rides will love Schwinn The Biking Game. It’s an exciting board game which tests your bike trivia. Since it’s aimed at ages four and above, the questions will be easy enough for younger players to answer. There’s also chance for players to recall and share biking adventures from real life, which helps strengthen your enthusiasm for cycling. Alternatively, the Munchkin card game involves players battling to become the most powerful player. This game encourages players to think about the importance of physical strength and movement as they kill monsters to keep moving up a level. The player to reach the highest level wins.

Hand-eye coordination

PongCano is suitable for ages eight and above and requires one to six players. Players take turns throwing the ball into the volcano. Give up a gold token whenever you miss a shot. The game is deceptively simple, addictive, and requires ample hand-eye coordination. Bounce-Off is another similar game. This one requires you to pick a challenge card and then recreate the pattern on it by throwing balls into a special grid. The game also involves a little exercise as players rush to recover balls which end up bouncing off the grid. The first player to complete the pattern wins the card, while the first to win three cards wins the game. And when you want a less active game, try the Red Dragon Inn 2: an adventurous card game where players gamble, rough-house, and drink. Suitable for twelve years and up.

With this selection of fun and engaging board games, there’ll never be a dull night in your household again. Plus your children will be taking on board lessons in health or getting exercise without realising it! So, if you want to help your children embrace health and movement, these are the games to get.