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Star Wars Legion 400 Point Tournament

Date: Saturday 27th October

Where: Tritex Games, Castlefields, Newport Road, Stafford. UK ST16 1BG

Entry Price: £6.00

Maximum Players: 8 (Sign up via FB, Website or contact Jason at Jason.thornton@tritex-games or 07828 045467)

Event Description

This tournament is sponsored by Tritex Games and Fantasy Flights Games (FFG) whom will be providing the prize support.

We will be using the 400 points FFG format for army list construction.
400 points, play area will be 3'x3' (Each round will last 60 minutes)

Time Table:
Registration: 10.00 - 10.30
Round 1: 11:00 - 12:30
Round 2: 13:00 - 14:30
Round 3: 14:45 - 16:15
(Round times may vary if all games end early)

1) Players take turns placing a single unit from their army within their respective deployment zone(s). Continue taking turns until all units are deployed.

2) Players prepare the tokens they will need over the course of the game, placing them in piles within easy reach.

3) Wait for the organizer to announce the start of the round before beginning any game. If the round has already begun, players may begin playing immediately after setup.

Pairings and Lists:
We will be using Swiss Round Pairings. The first round will be random, and there-on-after everyone will play according to their current score.

A win will give a player 1 Tournament point and a loss 0 Tournament points.
The tie breakers are as follows:

Strength Of Schedule
1) A player’s strength of schedule is calculated by dividing
each opponent’s total tournament points by the number of rounds that opponent has
played, adding the results of each opponent played, and then dividing that total by the
number of opponents the player has played. The player with the highest strength of
schedule is ranked above all other players in the group not yet ranked

Extended Strength Of Schedule:
2) A player’s extended strength of schedule is calculated by adding each opponent’s strength of schedule and then dividing by the number of opponents that player has played. The player with the highest extended strength of schedule is ranked above all other players in the group not yet ranked

Army Lists
Each player must build one army to use in a tournament which cannot exceed 400 points,
though it may contain fewer than 400 points.

A player’s army must contain miniatures from only one faction unless an effect allows him
or her to do otherwise. A player’s army must also include the appropriate number of units
of each rank, as listed in the STAR WARS: Legion Rules Reference.

Each player must also build a command hand of seven command cards. A player cannot
include more than one copy of a command card. If a player includes a unique character’s
command card, their army must contain that character. Players may not change their army throughout the tournament.

Army lists must be handed in during the registration period before Round 1. Please make sure army lists are correct and have your name clearly on before submitting.

All units, associated upgrade cards, total army points, and command cards must be clearly
shown on the army list. If a player includes a unit or upgrade card in his or her army that
could be confused with a different component that could legally be in the army, he or she
must uniquely identify that unit or card on his or her army list. The recommended way to
uniquely identify a unit or card is by including the full name of the unit or card, or the full
name of the product in which the component appeared, in parenthesis.

Each unit must have all their upgrades and unit costs clearly displayed on their army list.
Please try and also be clear as to whether any unit has a specific upgrade.
When building a standard army, a player must include certain ranks and may only include
specific numbers of certain ranks, as follows:

Commander: Each army must include One commander units.

Corps: Each army must include two to three corps units.

Special Forces: Each army may include up to two special forces units.

Support: Each army may include up to two support units.

Heavy: Each army may include only one heavy unit.

Will be awarded for the following
1st place
Runner Up
Next best Imperial Player
Next Best Rebel Player
Best Painted