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Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition One Shot - TBC

Date: TBC Nov 2019

Location: Tritex Games, Castlefields, Newport Road, Stafford. UK ST16 1BG (Free Parking all day available)

Event duration: 10am Start – 5pm Finish

Entry fee: £2

Available spaces- 8

You are a rag tag bunch of humanoids that have survived the massacre of the deadly villagers of creed and having had your lair ransacked you are now looking for a new home and have heard about a set of caverns that were created by dwarves as a lair. It was eventually abandoned by its creators so you believe it is safe to claim as your own - so it's time to be 'Moving in'

Join us on another fantastic one shot 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons adventure.

Dice, pencils, character sheets and minis are provided in store for all player.

To pre-register reply to this event post or contact us at or message us below - only 8 spaces available.