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Choosing the Right Table for War Gaming

Choosing the Right Table for War Gaming

An Article by Jackie Edwards

Behavioural scientists are recommending that parents look for games that build intellectual skills, entertain, stimulate the imagination, and have a strong social focus – and we can think of few that manage to fit the bill as much as war games. This may be the golden age of video games, but board games are also making big sales and one of the reasons has to do with teamwork. Board games are much more than a nod to nostalgia; they are an alternative to the high-tech games that parents and teachers claim isolate children, depriving them of the powerful lessons that can be learned when we play and work together.

Ergonomics Matter

You may have heard talk about ergonomics –  the application of scientific information to the design of objects, systems and environment for human use. Usually, this subject comes up in work settings. For instance, the height of your chair, desk, and computer are key when it comes to preventing neck, back, or eye strain. Poor ergonomics can also lead to bad posture, stressing muscles and joints and affecting their ability to function well in daily life. Considering that a war game can take hours to play, finding an ergonomic table is also key.


Table and Chair Height Matters

Your table should be the right height for the age of players. A good general test is to sit down, rest your arms at your side and bend your arms at the elbows at a 90º angle. Are your forearms resting comfortably on the table or are they a bit too high or low? It is always a good idea for your gaming chairs and table to be adjustable, because often, simply bumping up a chair to the right height for your arms won’t work if your feet are dangling off the floor.


Foot and Back Support are Key

Feet should lay flat on the floor so as to avoid straining muscles such as the hip flexors, which you need for a variety of movements, including bending forward, kicking, and running. If you find that this is not the case, use a stable foot stool to ensure there is a 90º angle between your thighs and calves, and that your feet are fully supported. A lot of bending over tends to occur when you are rolling dice or picking cards. Ensure your back is fully supported with a chair that supports your natural back curve. Try to keep your elbows close to your body rather than extended forward during other players’ turns.


The Little Details that Add Magic

Whether you are having a bespoke board game table made or you are buying a readymade table, check out design features that can add a touch of luxury to the game experience. These may include felt tops, wooden frames that stop dice from falling off, a hexagonal structure designed for six players, and even ‘slots’ in the wooden frame to support cards. Some tables even have small extensions for each player, which support drinks and snacks. 

When you are buying a table for board games, ergonomics is every bit as important as it is when you are working at your computer. Invest in an adjustable table and chairs if possible to find the perfect height for full body support. Once ergonomics is out of the way, check out design features that can enhance your gaming experience and make your home the most popular choice for friends wishing to share an exciting game.