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Merry Christmas From Tritex Games

Merry Christmas From Tritex Games

Merry Christmas to all of you from all of us at Tritex-Games

We appreciate all the support you have given us in what has been a difficult year for us all.  Let’s hope 2021 is a brighter and safer year.  Looking forward to next year we have added a lot more new lines that will be releasing in 2021 so check these out below.

Also we are holding all the Christmas special offer prices until the end of the year so you still have time to treat yourself.  

We will be shipping right up to Christmas Eve then we will be breaking up for a week – so any orders placed between 24th Dec-1st January will be shipped on Monday 4th January.

Fangs and Talons pre-painted set of Dungeons and Dragons miniatures from Wizkids should land in January

Pre-order your booster and brick deals here.

Wizkids have announced Boneyard will be next pre-painted set of Dungeons and Dragons miniatures.

Pre-order your booster and brick deals here.

Wizkids have announced Darklands Rising will be next pre-painted set of Pathfinder  miniatures.

Pre-order your booster and brick deals here.

Wizkids are producing  a set of pre-painted sci-fi   Starfinder miniatures. Alien races invade your RPG game.

Pre-order your booster and brick deals here.

This premium painted Orcus miniature is coming in 2021 and is sure to sell out fast.

Pre-order yours here.

Talking about premium painted miniatures we have added all the wave 4&5 new releases to our site. Pre-order yours here.

Looking for some decorations for your gaming room well here are a couple for you a Owlbear trophy head for the wall.  Pre-order yours here.

Then we have a full size Goblin.  This little guy is anything but small as he stands over 3 foot tall.  Pre-order yours here.

The new Wizkids Warlock Tiles full height sets  are now in stock along with all the base sets that nave been re-stocked.

Wizkids Warlock Tiles take on a new twist with their new sets that are due out in 2021 – you can pre-order yours here.

Gale Force 9 have a new range of Curse of Strahd miniatures and map set coming up in 2021.  Pre-order your here.

We still have a large range of miniatures on special offer at the moment – many 1/2 price or better – check them out here.

We have some new commanders for Star Wars Legion releasing soon . At last we have Lando Calrissian coming 🙂 Pre-order here.

She-Hulk is coming to Crisis Protocol.  If you have not tried this game it is highly recommended. Pre-order yours here.

We have a huge range of paints and painting accessories available but many customers still buy from Amazon and eBay so we are reaching out to you with the challenge of ‘WHY PAY MORE?’  We pay both these companies over 15% of our sale price and they in turn do not pay much by way of tax as you know, but if you buy direct from us you will make huge savings and we actually pay all our taxes which helps the economy and inevitably helps you.

You can shop all our range here

New Website Account Update

Our new website has a new front page which I hope will make shopping the products easier (We hope you like the improvements and appreciate any feedback).  If you have previously registered on our old website then all your details and order history have been transferred to the new site but we would really appreciate it if you would log in and generate a new password as your old one was encrypted.  Log-In Here

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Tritex Games are recruiting: Check out below for details

Tritex Games are recruiting:

As part of the UK government’s Kick-Start Scheme we are looking to recruit 3 new positions in our company. These could be a part-time role as the government’s Kickstarter programme for 25 hours/week, however depending on the candidate, we may consider making these a full-time role.

To qualify for the government’s kick-start initiative, you will need to be between 16-24 years old and on Universal Credit. As a part-time role we are willing to work with the successful candidate on mutually beneficial hours within our usual business hours of 9am-5pm Monday to Saturday.

We have 3 positions we are looking to fill. The details for these are as follows:

Web Development and IT Assistant Ref:TRITEX_KS_IT1…/tritex-games-ltd-stafford-36…/

Retails Sales Assistant Ref:TRITEX_KS_SA1…/tritex-games-ltd-stafford-36…/

Sales & Marketing Assistant Ref:TRITEX_KS_SM1…/tritex-games-ltd-stafford-36…/

Apply via above links or contact us directly at [email protected] (if you require us to send you the job spec we are happy to do so – Applicants must be in by Sunday 16th August)